The Jayhawks
at The Showbox, Seattle
January 16, 2001

Artwork courtesy of Paul Tomita. See addendum below.

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From: Paul Tomita
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 8:52 AM
To: Wendy Beren; Floyd and Jen Meadows; Kurt Schubert; Harry Oesterreicher
Subject: Jayhawks setlist corrections

In the interest of complete accuracy there are a couple of errors on the Jayhawks artwork. Jan 15th, the first song is "Settled Down Like Rain" off of Hollywood Town Hall, not Jane (corrected on the version on HarryO's web site). On Jan 16th, the 10th track, "Lost My Driving Wheel" is by David Wiffin. See below for the details.

Ben Jammin' writes:
<<< FYI, I noticed that "Lost My Driving Wheel" is attributed to Roger McGuinn on the artwork of the Jayhawks show. This is a common mistake, and an issue that always gets discussed/argued over on the Jayhawks mailing list. McGuinn's (and the Byrds) version is the most well known, and is the version the Jayhawks learned the song from. I believe the All Music guide even lists McGuinn as the author of the song.

However, the song was written by Canadian singer/songwriter David Wiffen. It's on his out of print debut and also a rerecorded version appears on an album released a couple years back. There was a nice little article on him in "No Depression" about a year ago, and Gary himself has introduced the song in concert as being by Wiffen. The Cowboy Junkies have released live and studio versions of the song also, correctly listing Wiffen as the author of the song. One of my favorite songs the Jayhawks cover in concert. >>>

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