HarryO -- Adventures in Europe
A small assortment of photos from my travels, May 2002

First days in Prague

Enjoying my first evening in Prague

The National Museum

A demonstration

The Charles Bridge and Petrin Hill

The Charles Bridge at dusk

My 'hood, from the opposite bank

Master of the crystal organ

Me and Steve and our pivos

The lovely river Vltava

An example of the fabulous doors


Me on the train to Cologne

Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) in Cologne

(German Rustie) Ralph and me
drink Kölsch on the banks of the Rhine

A lovely church in Koblenz

A blues man in Koblenz

My rental car, an Opel Corsa

Girls I parked next to at Rock am Ring

Chaos at Rock am Ring

Portable bathtub unit on a flatbed

German rockers will burn anything...

...and wear almost nothing.

Natalie Merchant

Happy festival-goers in the rain

Wilco again, Jeff Tweedy was pissed

Sunset at Rock am Ring

Neil with Booker T.

Donald 'Duck' Dunn and Neil


The train station in Amsterdam

I love this picture!

Hotel in Amsterdam, I recommend it

Old timers...

Really, I was looking for a job...

The Bulldog

Cool graffiti in an alleyway

Self portrait of a rustie


Suddenly, I am in London...

Ferris wheel on the Thames

View from Highgate

Elke, the morning after the concert

Tired Eyes, me and Raik
(note, we are not as cute as Elke today)

I love German Rusties!
(Me, Raik and Peter)

Bad news... Tonight's NOT the night

Jimmy, my Scottish comrade at arms

Tired Eyes, Ragnar and Thor


Me and Cristina, dining in Rome

Hey, I'm trying to eat here!

Performance art (?) at the Coliseum

Cristina is as fair as her city

Fountain in Villa Borghese

Friends in Rome

Circo Massimo, a favorite place

Cris and Serena, my last night in Rome


A 'secondary highway' perhaps

A canal in the Ghetto

The Old Jewish Ghetto of Venice

At the Yeshiva, my Bar Mitzvah (ask me)


Vienna, The Spanish Riding School

Vienna, the Burggarten

Cute doggie in a Vienna subway

Statue in Liechtenstein Park

My grandmother's house in 1934

Back in Prague

Back in Prague, a brand new art installation

Cool Street Machine!

The Old Jewish Cemetary

Charles Bridge and the Castle above