visits the
Czech Republic
Prague - The Capital of Bohemia

Cafe Marnice, our first dinner in Prague

Alana on Most Legii

Alana on Charles Bridge

Prague Castle at dusk

The Municipal House (Obecni Dum)

Stained Glass at Obecni Dum

Near the Train Station (Hlavni Nadrazi)

Entrance to Vysehrad (the old citadel)

Cathedral of St. Peter

St. Nicholas' Church (1737)

At a palace in Mala Strana

Cruising the river Vltava

The castle through a garden gate

One of Alana's favorite structures

Left, a ruined temple we discovered in a garden.

Cubist Houses

Not a cubist house, but a beautiful shot

We really wanted to see the Museum of Czech Cubism, in the House at the Black Madonna (above and left), but it was closed for remodelling.

Next time... (sigh)

Picnic in Letna Park

Simple, elegant, and delicious

The princess and the pea

View from Hanavsky Pavilion

Bridges over the Vltava

Prague Castle (Hradcany)

Harry, loitering near the castle steps

Nerudova street

Schwarzenbersky Palace

Toskansky Palace

Schwarzenbersky Palace

Entrance to the first courtyard

Ruins of the oldest church at the castle

Various images of St. Vitus' Cathedral

We took almost 100 pictures here

The Golden Lane (Zlata Ulicky)

16th century homes, Golden Lane

Reflection in a window, Golden Lane

A creepy sculpture near the entrance to the castle's dungeon

Alana is a huge supporter of the
bottled water (voda) industry.
When we passed this billboard,
she was drinking from a bottle
of Vittel -- she looked over and
burst out laughing!

Party weekend

Alana prepared a lovely spread for Harry's cocktail party, and made the apartment beautiful!

The next day was Paul's birthday party - Alana with Paul and Sonya.

The party was in the basement of a fitness club... too bad they never filled the hot tubs.

It was very hot down there...

Paul and Sonya celebrating...

'When I stare in your eyes, I get lost in the glory...' - The Jayhawks'

'Tell me more about the election results, Bruce' is what Harry was thinking here.

Bruce took this picture of Alana
(the webmaster's favorite)

Road trip to Cesky Krumlov

We rented a little green Skoda Felicia. Harry drove it on the way to Cesky Krumlov, with Alana riding shotgun and playing auto-chef. Alana drove the Skoda back to Prague, with Harry navigating and making the sandwiches.

A wrong turn lead us to an amazing place -- the ruins of an ancient castle at Choustnik. Left, a charming village we passed through on the way to the ruins.

Cesky Krumlov

Our room at U Vaclava Bed & Breakfast

Alana in the breakfast room

Our window above the B&B sign...

...Vaclav is Wenceslas in Czech (the Good King of Christmas Carols)

From a restaurant overlooking the Vltava

Alana has a lovely smile

The Round Tower and the Castle

Round Tower through a narrow lane

Harry loved this dragon!

The Castle's 3rd Courtyard

The 4th Courtyard

Alana at the entrance to Vaclavske Cellars, which house the ceramic art exhibition

Harry makes a face at Alana, who is walking slow because she's awestruck

Harry relaxing on the castle wall

A view of the Vltava below - we swam at this spot the next day

View of the old town from a Castle window

Harry's favorite house in Cesky Krumlov - we want to live there some day!

Entrance to 2nd part of the ceramic art exhibit

Alana 'shoots the moon'

...and Harry does too

Swinging on the Castle Garden

Castle arches seen from below

Yet another shot of the Round Tower

Alana loved this shop on the Castle steps

A hosteler's dog came and sat by us

This where we swam in the Vltava

Another view of our favorite house

The flat in Prague

This round window of the French Embassy can be seen from the kitchen

The living room, arranged by Alana

Plants in the bathroom window

Alana catching some sun

The flat is on Nosticova street, a narrow lane in Mala Strana (the little quarter), surrounded by charming little squares and various Embassies. The little park outside is connected by a footbridge to the island park of Kampa, which is one of the loveliest places in the city.

Harry's perch in the window, a work of cubist art in itself...

View from the same window, of the dog park below

The building dates from the 13th century, and was probably a stable and carriage house. The Czech owner of the apartment is a very nice man named Mr. Spejchal, who told us he lived here for over 25 years, and did all of the remodelling himself...

Photos by Alana and Harry - June 2002